Lapidary Wheel Packages

Standard Wheel Package
1 Diamond Wheel - 5 Nova Wheels ( Made in the USA )

  • 220 Hard Diamond Wheel - Flat
  • 600 NOVA Diamond Wheel - Soft Resin Bond
  • 1200 NOVA Soft Wheel  
  • 3000 NOVA Soft Wheel   
  • 8000 NOVA Soft Wheel  
  • 14500 NOVA Soft Wheel  

    About our NOVA Diamond Wheels:

       The wheels are State of the Art - Resin Bond
       Great Performance
       Excellent Softness
       1.0" Arbor hole with bushings for use on our balanced  5/8" shaft.
       Made in USA   

    These high quality wheels offer you fast, economical cutting and polishing of most gem materials. Helps reduce undercutting and leaves a superior high quality finish. MUST BE USED WITH COOLANT!! 


- All Diamond Wheels
- All Nova Wheels
- Custom - let us know what you want.  We will be happy to quote any custom wheel package upon request. 

All wheel packages come pre-loaded onto your machine, so it is ready to use when you receive it.