Customer Review of our CAB PRO Lapidary Machine: 

Dear Bea and Ken,

Sorry for not updating you sooner but life got very busy and I am just now getting time to send you an update.

 I have used the machine a few times now and was able to show it off to one of my teachers from the rock class.  And he was full of wonderful things to say about the whole set up.

He raved about the gold bar you have set up in front of the wheels.  He wished the machines in the class had those very same bars because it made working on the rocks so much easier. In testing out the machine he decided to make a small jade heart (jade cove).  It turned out wonderful! His only problem was the 280 wheel was a little close to the 600.  It was tight, but he did manage to create the bow at the top of the heart with a little work.  One other thing he suggested, was to put a bit of rubber mat under the wheels on the drip tray so that way if your rock gets pulled out of your hands and under the machine, you have something softer to catch it so it will not break.  I took a piece of rubberized yoga mat and put that under the wheels.  It still lets the drip tray move back and forth with ease.  So that worked out great!  

Like me, he has never worked on Nova wheels before so it was a new experience for both of us. It takes a little getting used to, but I am getting better each time I set up the machine and work on a new rock.  Even my husband Roger got to use the machine.  He decided to work on a pair of cheap Aquamarine earrings.  They both measure close to half an inch in size. I can't wait to see how they turn out once he is finished with them.  And he did a little work with a Spencer opal, just to see how the wheels did on opals.  I would say he is very pleased as well.

I will send you some pictures to your phone a little later but wanted to send an email because there was just too much to text and typing on a keyboard is much faster.  I am currently working on a piece of Apache Tears in an almost oval shape (totally freeform).  Still has lots of streaks in it but I am working on getting rid of them.  It's either me doing something wrong, or it's the Apache Tears.  Either way, I was thrilled to find it was translucent in the light.  Once it's finished, I will send you some pictures.

Thanks again for all the amazing help and fantastic customer service!!!! If you happen to have a feedback page, please let me know so I can leave a Mega Positive Review!

Take care to you both Mahalo!!

Kat & Roger  


Thank you for your wonderful review and also the good feedback.  We added a mat to the drip tray ( that was a great suggestion ), and we include several spacers with the machine now so the wheels could be spaced differently ( increase or decrease ) based on a customer's liking.  So it machine is very flexible .  Mahalo.. and Thank you again!   Ken and Bea